Cathleen Kirby Hypnotherapy


My background as a Clinical Nurse Specialist has given me a special interest in what are sometimes the more complex issues

Chronic Pain

Once you have been examined, investigated and diagnosed by your clinicians people experiencing chronic pain can often be left struggling to deal day to day with the physical and mental strain they are left with.

My experience in delivering clinics and Pain Management Programmes allows me to offer education and support with chronic pain conditions. We will work together to maximise your good days and minimise the bad.

All treatment plans are carefully and safely devised according to your needs and limitations. Over a course of usually 6 sessions we will use a combination of planing, pacing, relaxation, visualisation and hypnosis to address your issues and work towards your goals.

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Anxiety and Panic

There are very few people who can say they have never experienced anxiety and most of us are all too familiar with that feeling that goes along with a concern or worry. For some of us, however, these feelings can become overwhelming and cast a shadow over everyday life.

Anxiety can bring with it a host of emotional and physical symptoms including insomnia, panic, behavioural changes and mood issues and it can also be responsible for exacerbating already established underlying medical conditions.

Hypnotherapy is well recognised as an excellent treatment for anxiety and following an assessment of your needs I work to develop a unique treatment plan to address your issues.    

Exam and Driving Test Nerves

Exams and tests of all kinds can evoke anxiety and even panic in the most laidback of us. As well as being prepared academically and technically we can benefit from having the best approach to these sometimes stressful situations.

Hypnotherapy can work wonderfully at putting you in ‘The Zone’ right when you need it most. Weather you are having to give a speech at a wedding or are concerned that the year 6 sats tests are having an unwanted effect on the stress levels of your child, I can help build the inner confidence and resourcefulness for them to maximise their opportunities.